Gig Review – Third Angle Projection + support from Strike The Light & Superhooch

Onroute 44 picce again, we found ourselves at the delightful Route 44 venue in Acocks Green, Birmingham, this time to review three bands we have never seen before, Third Angle Projection were the headliners, with support from Strike The Light, and Superhooch.

Greeted by promoter Nancy Harding, the night looked set to be a banger of a gig. Route 44 continue to promote upcoming,  as well as established bands in the midlands area. Some notable names have refined their skills at this well known, genuine venue.

First up were Strike The Light, a three piece rock band from South Wales. We quickly found out that although first on, they were definitely worth a watch. Formed in February 2017, this Swansea based trio put on a strong opening performance for us at Route 44. A particular favourite from the set was their newly released single Black Gold. With a feel of old school rock to it, this track is set to make you rock out. By the mid point of this track they soon had the attention of the growing crowd, it’s definitely a blinding song from this relatively new band.

A quality opener that paved the way for a superb night. I would definitely pay to see these guys again. They have a seasoned style which was delivered via a very confident performance.

The single, Black Gold is available now. Visit the band’s facebook page here. The Rock Asylum rates this single 4/5 stars.



Next up were Superhooch, a Coventry based rock/blues foursome with an unusual mix of hyperactive, bluesy, stoner, garage rock psychedelia, this band certainly took their followers on a remarkable journey. With an additional performer, Azrael Quibilah for part of their performance, I have to say that her voice really changed the whole feel of the music.

I went from thinking, bloody hell I’m far too old to be listening to this, to oh wow this is awesome……..trippy…….but awesome. I especially enjoyed it when they started belting out the vocals, transforming it from a melodious track into a foot stomping heavy number, the eclectic combination really working well.

On reflection of their performance I couldn’t help but draw similarities to the mighty Kasabian.

If you like what you see, why not visit Superhooch on facebook here



Then it was time for the headliners, Third Angle Projection.

I recently discovered this band when they asked me to review their latest EP ‘Nothing To You‘.  I instantly loved them, and found similarities to the awesome Seether, which added to the appeal. I had been looking forward to this moment for a while, seeing them perform live. Sadly, an earlier arrangement to see them never came to fruition.

They’ve recently been on tour in France and I’m sure that the UK festivals will be welcoming them to their stages in no time.

These guys delivered a massive set, full of twists and turns, making their performance intriguing and volatile, which kept me on my toes, wondering what they were going to do next. Without exception, this band delivered the most emotional, artistic performance of the night.

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They performed my favourite tracks, Useless and Nothing To You as well as a Seether cover, a fitting rendition of Remedy.






Dean Tipper – Third Angle Projection



Arron Tipper




Arron Tipper


Dean Tipper


Charlie Brotherton – Third Angle Projection


Arron Tipper




In summary, the combination of bands on the night delivered a wide brush stroke of the rock genre. Each band adding their own identity, yet combining to produce an outstanding production of live music.

Thanks to Dave Briggs for the fantastic photos. For more from this gig, visit Dave’s facebook page by clicking here . (Please remember that Dave owns these photos, and whilst the bands featured are welcome to use them, there should be no editing or cropping of the picture).



Coming Up – Gig Review – Third Angle Projection with support from Superhooch and Strike The Light


Don’t miss my review of this banging night, courtesy of Third Angle Projection, Superhooch and Strike The Light, hosted by Route 44 Birmingham with promoter Nancy Harding.

Here’s a little taste of what’s to come.

Full videos of all of the bands plus some awesome photos by Dave Briggs. don’t miss it!

Coming up …..Gig Review ………W.M.D with support from Third Angle Projection, Tear It Down and Rai Kah Mercury

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This cracking gig is on Friday 16th February at Route 44, Birmingham

The Rock Asylum and Dave Briggs Photography will be capturing the whole night on camera for those of you who can’t make it, but any locals why not head down there and come and say hi?

I’ve seen all of the support bands live, and can honestly say this will be well worth the trip, and as you know, I’m a huge fan of W.M.D who will no doubt be smashing it.

Hope to see you there!



Music Review – Third Angle Projection

14354936_10154578370778410_8799260747401807088_nTHIRD ANGLE PROJECTION
are a 3 piece rock band from the Midlands. First established with the current line-up around 2 years ago. Arron Tipper on guitar/vocal, Dean Tipper on bass and Charlie Brotherton on drums. Influences are REM, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, and The Doors to name a few.

I asked Arron to tell me more of how the band came about and this is what he told me.

“Me and Dean (bass player) are brothers. We’ve always been 3 piece band, although we did try guitarists out but didn’t seem to work with how we played. We have had about 100 drummers 🙂 not really about 10, most of time searching for a good drummer that gets us, and 2 years ago we got one, Charlie is a great drummer, also he doesn’t hold back when playing live, so by the time we have finished our gig, we are almost dead.  Dean our bass player also helps out with the writing of the song’s (when his not sunning his ass in Australia about twice a year !) He plays bass like a guitar and is a bit mental on stage. He’s alright at times. I (Arron) do most of the booking of gigs and promotion. We do most things DIY, releasing song’s, videos, gigs etc That way we can do what we want 🙂 “.

I asked Arron what the band has been up to. “Yeah we feel like we have just started, we have been playing live gigs for around 9 years, but the last couple of years something has changed. We’ve done a few demo recording sessions and decided to start recording an E.P. So that took up most of 2017. We also went on Tour in Germany summer 2017 that was an amazing experience our good friend Nico Rubner from Marburg Records arranged the gigs and even put us up on our stay there, great bloke We are looking at going back again sometime this year. In the time we have been together we have toured Germany twice and put a number of successful festivals and gigs on throughout the UK. We are going to France in February on tour with She Wolf and Black Jump, heading to Paris for our first gig 10th February. Then later in the year will be heading back to Germany again.”

Third Angle Projection have just recorded their new E.P Nothin to You, which contains 3 studio recordings available on iTunes, Spotify etc. The video for Nothin To You is below.

Disarray of Time is a fantastic track about loss, which has elements of Seether throughout, but with a dirtier grungier feel to it. The thick guitar riffs accentuate the power to the track which then leads to a mix of acoustic guitar and melodic vocals, just before smacking you between the eyes with the massive voice of Arron, and again the thunder of heavy guitar riffs and imposing drum beats. My favourite track of the EP.


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Photos courtesy of Laura Duddy and Matt Whittock

Coming Down has a more classic rock intro but without losing the signature grunginess. Soon you get dragged back into the full-on power and dirty guitar riffs of the song. The striking vocals and intense lyrics deliver another powerful addition to the EP. “Coming down, is about 10 years old, one of the first songs I wrote, has a lot of anger, pain and rejection” said Arron.

Nothin To You is an impressive, fist pumping, head shaking, foot stomping track that you feel compelled to rock out to. The thunderous beat throughout demands you to respond. A striking track which finishes the EP in fine form. “Nothin to you, we have had in our set for about 10 years. The theme is blind leading the blind and drug addiction” Arron told me.

The Nothin’ To You EP is an awesome example of the talent we have in the midlands, and I would recommend that you take time to listen to it. A fine start for Third Angle Projection which excites me to think what is still to come. These are definitely a band to look out for. It’s scary to think that such talent has gone unseen by many (including me) for so long! For any fans of Seether, these guys will be right up your street!

I’m going to see Third Angle Projection at Route 44 Birmingham on 16th February 2018, where they will be part of an awesome line up not to be missed. Hopefully see you there!

Rating   4.5 Stars

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