Gig Review – Fahran, Mallen, Witch Tripper and Quiet The Thief

So first off, I needed to purchase tickets for the show. I had contact from one of the bands offering early entry, meet and greet with the band concerned, including photo opportunities etc, so naturally I jumped at the chance, and went directly to the website to purchase tickets. And then the time came to travel over to Cannock, which is quite local to me. Access and parking is always painless in Cannock, as there is a massive car park literally a stones throw away from the venue. So all was going well.

On arrival at the venue, the early entry was questioned by the door staff, but this was soon ironed out. The meet and greet with the band unfortunately did not happen as promised, which was a little disappointing, but hey ho, things like this happen all the time, so no hard feelings.  We didn’t get to meet any of the bands pre show, so we settled for a drink at the bar. The friendly bar staff soon made us feel glad to be there and I have to say, there’s not many bars you can go into, pay £5 for 3 bottles of Stella, and have a whole night of live music for £7 per ticket, so the evening was looking up!

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First on were Quiet The Thief, a 4 piece band from Stoke on Trent. Stig Chell on guitar and vocals, Neil Bailey on lead guitar and backing vocals, Robert Hussey on drums, and Gareth Harding on bass. This band soon got the place warmed up, demonstrating some great original material and engaging with the audience well. I warmed to these guys instantly, and I’m hopeful that they will hit me up to do an interview for The Rock Asylum soon. Take a look at them in action.


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Witch Tripper followed, a fantastic 3 piece from Mansfield. Jimmy Collins on drums, Richie Barlow on lead guitar and vocals, and Chris Stoff Daughton on bass. These guys were friendly, full of confidence, great performers and most importantly, they rocked! Witch Tripper epitomised what rock and roll is all about. I will hopefully be featuring this band on my blog in the not too distant future.


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Next up were Mallen, whom I’ve seen a number of times over the last year. Kelly-Jane on vocals, Dann and Rhys on  guitar, Joe on bass and Tom on drums and backing vocals. These guys always put on a solid performance. I noticed that vocalist Kelly-Jane has improved immensely, and she worked hard to get the audience involved throughout the set. Her relationship with the other band members shone through during the performance.


Then it was time for the headliners, Fahran. Matt Black on vocals, Jake Graham on lead guitar, Joshua Ballantyne on bass, JR Fahran on drums, and Chris Byrne also on lead guitar. I have to say that after watching footage of them in action, I was excited to see what these guys could do. In my opinion, they lived up to expectations, in particular with their style of performing. The audience certainly got what they came for, a full on, in your face, ballistic performance. I’m sure that the future will be bright for these guys, hopefully they will be headlining some bigger shows soon enough.


In summary, despite a few minor issues at the beginning of the night, the evening was above standard and thoroughly enjoyable. There were obvious technical issues with most of the bands at some point during the performances, but this in no way detracted from the quality of the bands and their material.

In my opinion, I would of been happy to pay to watch any of these bands in a headlining position, such was the quality throughout.

I sincerely hope that I get the opportunity to feature these bands in more detail in the near future, and I’m intrigued to find out more of their stories, including any new material they may be working on right now. A big thank you to those who did engage with me and I would welcome some contact from them.

I’d also like to thank Dave Briggs for providing photography for the night. You can check out his facebook page here. Below are just some of the images from the gig.

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Fahran, Mallen, Witch Tripper and Quiet The Thief gig tonight 20th October 2017

If anyone is looking for a good night packed full of great music, in a friendly venue in the centre of Cannock, then look no further! Tonight The Rock Asylum and Dave Briggs photography are visiting The Station in Cannock to see Fahran, supported by Mallen, Witch Tripper, and Quiet The Thief. This is going to be a lively one!

Fahran are Matt Black, Jake Graham, Joshua Ballantyne, Chris Byrne and JR Fahran. They have appeared at prestigious festivals including, Bloodstock, Download Festival, Hard Rock Hell, Isle of Mann TT races and toured with Heaven’s Basement, Kamelot, The Answer, UFO and many more.

Here’s a clip of them in action:


We also have some fantastic support bands to look out for tonight:

Mallen are always a good bet when it comes to putting on a great show. Kelly-Jane, Dann, Rhys, Joe and Tom are celebrating the release of their new EP tonight, and will be performing the new tracks tonight.

Heres the official video of one of the tracks from the new EP:

Witch Tripper are a 3 piece rock band from Nottingham, who were formed in 2014. I’ve never seen these guys perform, but from Youtube research, they look like a good bunch of lads who know how to put on a show. Take a look:

Quiet The Thief were formed 2014. A 4 piece Hard Rock explosion from Stoke on Trent. Another new one for me, however, there’s plenty Youtube material to say this band is pretty decent. Here’s one of their videos:

We will be recording and taking photos throughout the night and I will upload a gig review of the whole night within the next couple of days.

So if you fancy coming down to The Station in Cannock tonight you can pay on the door, the show starts at 8.30 pm. See you there!