Metal Belly Dancer – Diana Bastet

So, I have been very quiet recently, adjusting to my new lifestyle, but my interest in all things rock and metal has still been very much alive.

Earlier in the year I took up belly dance as a hobby, and I soon got the bug. Particularly for metal belly dance. I trawled the internet and found this young lady, and immediately felt admiration for her ability to show a very sexy, feminine side to metal, but without taking out the intensity of the music.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have spent a day being taught by Diana Bastet, and last night, got to see her perform at The Hatchett Inn, Bristol. The whole day was an amazing experience, and this lady is a true inspiration.

Me with diana

Me with Diana Bastet


Here we are after the performances. I was proud to be wearing a costume that was handmade by this lady also. A fantastic day.

I’m Back!

Hello guys,

After going through some massive changes in my life, I am now in a better place and feel ready to start blogging again.

I’m hoping that some of you have hung on in there and will still be following me?

So over the next month I will be writing some reviews to get things started. I’ve already got a lot of interest in me reviewing, so that should keep me busy for the time being.

Just wanted to say thanks for your interest in my blog!

Review – State Of Ember – Broken Horizons EP

State of Ember are a rock band which formed in 2016. Members Chris Tamburro, Mike Landreth and Chelsea McCammon have various influences between them spanning hard rock, punk and prog metal. The band released their debut E.P ‘Clouded Views’ in September 2017 and have had multiple tracks featured on BBC Introducing from this, as well as being Spotlight artist for a week on the ReverbNation homepage earlier in the year.

More recently, the band have been informed their track ‘Denial’ is set to feature on video game ‘Wreckfest’ – which is scheduled to be released onto Xbox One and PS4 during 2019. The game is being developed by Bugbear Entertainment, creators of the FlatOut series; it will be distributed by THQ Nordic worldwide!

State of Ember supported American rock band Saving Abel in Birmingham at the start of September 2018, as part of their European tour. Saving Abel previously shared the stage with Nickelback, Papa Roach and Avenged Sevenfold on full US tours.

The band have recently recorded their second (6-track) E.P, ‘Broken Horizons’. They are releasing this on January 11th 2019 and have brought out a new music video for their song ‘Time and Time’ in December from the new E.P


This EP is a fabulous showcase of the talents that State Of Ember possess, my personal favourites being Fear Of Falling and Beneath Our Dreams. This is a solid effort from this band with no weak tracks filling up space. Why not make Broken Horizons one of your first music downloads for 2019? You can pre-order it now if you’re using iTunes, Amazon Music or Google Play.

If you want to find out more about State Of Ember why not visit their website by clicking here

Or for other social media links, click for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

four out of five


My tribute to an inspirational and talented man

I want to pay tribute to a man I never met, but would have liked to have known.

People talk about Chris Archer as being a very talented guitarist, who never really believed that he was as good as others said.  Sadly, Chris died in a tragic accident abroad, leaving his father and the rest of his family and friends devastated. His family have managed to keep hold of two tracks that Chris wrote and recorded, and these I heard for the first time at his funeral.

Please have a listen to these outstanding guitar tracks and take a moment to think about this amazing musician, and give him the recognition he deserves.


Album Review – Final Coil – Persistance of Memory

Final Coil offer up a quintessentially English take on alternative rock. Formed by frontman Phil Stiles, the Leicester-based band went through the usual trials and tribulations of finding a stable line-up with the one constant being lead guitarist Richard Awdry. Initially rooted in the explosive experimentation of the US underground scene,

Ester Segarra

Photo credit: Ester Segarra

early Final Coil shows were noisy, messy affairs with broken equipment scattered across the stage and waves of arcing feedback left echoing around dark venues with sticky floors. With time, the band evolved to take a more nuanced approach, weaving stately, Gilmour-esque solos into the dense, metallic riffs and experimenting with layers of vocal harmonies reminiscent of Alice in Chains and Anathema. It was this more-evolved musical approach that attracted Jola Stiles; a Polish-born bassist with a jazz background, enabling the band to develop their sound yet further. With Jola in place, Final Coil recorded an acoustic EP that added flute, waves of synth and delicate piano to the mix. A major shift in the band’s sound, the Somnambulant EP demonstrated a newfound maturity of expression although live shows remained adrenalin-soaked examples of pure-rock fury. At the end of 2014, Tony ‘Ches’ Hughes, a remarkably talented veteran of the Leicester music scene, was invited to join Final Coil. His arrival was a significant catalyst and new songs were written at a furious pace, the band recording and self-releasing the well-received Closed to the Light EP in 2015. This EP not only gained excellent reviews across the board, it also attracted the attention of respected label WormHoleDeath and, throughout 2016, the band focused on writing and developing their debut album, Persistence of Memory.

Final Coil - Persistance of memoryThe band describe this album as a darkly compelling tour-de-force that combines crushing riffs with the sweeping, epic grandeur of progressive rock. Persistence of Memory is an eclectic-yet-coherent album that paints a compelling portrait of modern-day dissociation, loss and regret over the course of its eleven tracks.

Recorded by Wahoomi Corvi (Way of purity, CreTura) at Real Sound Studio in Italy, mastered by Cult of Luna’s Magnus Lindberg and with stunning artwork courtesy of Andy Pilkington (Flotsam and Jetsam, Beholder), Persistence of Memory is a rare example of music and art coming together in perfect symbiosis and it looks set to bring Final Coil’s uniquely compelling music to a whole new audience.

A band for whom passion is everything, Final Coil offer an emotional voyage into a heart of darkness and Persistence of Memory looks set to be one of the year’s most adventurous releases.


The Rock Asylum rates this album


See the source image


Deb GardnerMy favourite tracks  are In Silent Reproach which is packed with heavy duty riffs and eerie vocals which beckon you to lose yourself within the track, and You Waste My Time, with its melodic vocals and a heavier feel overall it has something for traditional rock enthusiasts to sink their teeth into.

This album drags you into the dark and eerie world of Final Coil and mesmerizes you with its unique take on grunge/alt rock. 

Final Coil are definitely a band to follow. The material they have produced on this album Persistence Of Memory is of great quality, and I feel that there is so much more to come from these guys that you would not want to miss.
If I could ask for anything else from this band, it would be for a little more variety between the tracks, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the things that you do best!

Well done guys!

Find out more about Final Coil here









Back On Track

Sincere apologies for not posting recently, moving house and changing jobs had quite a serious effect on me for a while, but I’m back on track now and raring to go!

I’ll be reviewing an album or two in the coming week so watch this space!

Once again thanks so much for your continued support of my blog which supports upcoming bands and local venues.


Coming soon….

Apologies to followers of The Rock Asylum blog, my reviews have been delayed due to a move of premises.

The good news is that things will soon be back to normality and I’m hoping to start publishing as of next week.

Thanks for your patience!

Debs xx

The Annual Mayors Charity Rock Festival 2018

DSC01258-Edit-8Rockers through the ages presented the Annual Mayoral Charity Rock Festival. All money raised  was donated to the Mayors Charities, Samaritans of Wolverhampton, The MS Therapy Centre, Wolverhampton Help for Heroes.

Kicking off this celebration were Seize The Void and Spreading The Disease. Unfortunately we didn’t arrive in time to see these guys perform hence no footage or pictures.

First band we saw were Hightale. A 4 piece band from Wolverhampton. I’ve seen them a few times now, and find there’s always a barrel of laughs to be had with vocalist, Scott Griffiths, however, joking aside, I like the sound they produce, and the fact they have a sense of humour with it just makes the experience more enjoyable.



This photo, captured by Dave Briggs, captures a more serious side to Hightale




Next up were the fantabulous (I know this is not a word, but it should be!) Naked Sunday. I’ve been following this band’s progress for some time now, and always enjoy their set. Never a dull moment when Martin Stanyer is on set, and the band continues to go from strength to strength. Drummer Craig Stanley was on form, and even managed a bit of banter with Martin during the performance. The lovely Laura Stanyer brought a bit of glamour to the stage with her sexy diamante hosiery teamed with her unique style of bass playing.


Next up were Daylight Robbery, a heavy melodic rock band from Birmingham. Another awesome performance with lots of animated stage presence from frontman Tony Nicholl. A fabulous set from these guys.


The much loved Shyyne were next in the line up, with frontman Toni Gale absolutely in fine form.  This band are true entertainers.




Next up were Devilfire, rock and heavy metal band from Birmingham. The band delivered an energetic performance all round which was enjoyed by many.


Last up were Voodoo Sioux, a four piece hard rock band from The West Midlands. This is the first time I have seen a performance from them, but it most definitely won’t be the last. I was hooked as soon as bass player Mario Ermoyenous kicked off the first track with his wicked style of playing, and massive stage presence. The whole band had something about them that drew the crowd in, and once captured by them, there was no escape. A perfect end to this awesome night.

If you haven’t seen this band before, don’t delay in getting down to one of their upcoming gigs, you will not be disappointed!



Overall, a fantastic night, with proceeds going to charity. Well done to Doddy White, Brett Hall and all who had a hand in organising this event.







Top 10 YouTube videos for The Rock Asylum

Here are the 10 most watched videos that I have posted for The Rock Asylum so far.

Top views – The Bad Flowers

No. 2 – Anonymous – Cut Your Losses

No. 3 – Cenfora

No. 4 – Superhooch

No. 5 – Anonymous with Deb

No. 6 – Fires That Divide

No. 7 – Anonymous – Running Blind

No. 8 – Anonymous

No. 9 – Big Foot

No. 10 – Anonymous – Cheap Painkiller