EP Review – Blank Parody – A Tension

EP Release date:     Blank Parody

18th August 2017

Blank Parody are a 4 piece alternative rock band from the midlands, comprising of stepbrothers Liam Howard (guitar) and Connor Hodgkiss (drums), and friends, Joby Fitzgerald (vocals) and Freddie Shaw (bass).

After an intense period of song-writing Blank Parody are now in a position where they feel ready to showcase their material to the world of rock music. They are now in the run up to the release of their EP A Tension.


Jim Pinder (Producer)
Recorded / produced at Treehouse Studios 2016
Mastered by Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road Studios
Words and music by Joby Fitzgerald/Liam Howard
Artwork by Luca Bailey.


When asked for his take on the EP, Liam Howard told me ‘The concept behind A Tension is that its about breaking down the confinements of who you are time and time again in order to better yourself. It fluctuates between the idea that you’re a prisoner to your own fragility and the reality that you have absolute autonomy if you tear down those confinements. Its a yin and yang record. Hopelessness on one side, vengeance on the other’.

This band has elements of Kings of Leon in their sound as well as a tinge of Green Day and a hint of My Chemical Romance which encapsulates some impressive bands from recent years and makes for a great grungy rock sound which could appeal to fans of a number of genres.

The first track, Dark Pretenders kicks off with its catchy guitar riffs and strong, intense vocals from Joby, leaving you wanting more. Dark lyrics enforce the mood for this powerful track which was released as a single earlier this year along with a video by talented video artist Jason Waterz.

You then find yourself being taken on a journey through the next four tracks where you experience high energy and fast paced punchy rhythms. Tracks such as Still Stuck Here, take you from toe tapping to foot stomping beats, followed up in similar fashion with Thickened Pulse. I would describe the next track, Marching through the Smoke as a powerful testimony of their passion for this emotional rollercoaster of an EP, something I could see fans singing and dancing along to at the end of a live set. Liam Howard has himself described Marching Through The Smoke as a phrase that originated from his grandfather, who picked it up from his dad who was a paratrooper in the battle of Arnhem. It became a kind of motto for him growing up and he interpreted it as a way of getting through when everything is going wrong. Liam and Joby incorporated it into the chorus as a battle cry, with the instrumental being sketched as a soundscape for conflict. The entire way they structured the song sought to make its overall message as impactful as possible.

With the next track, Underachiever, the tempo steadies somewhat with smoother vocals and a melodic rock sound, giving this song a lighter feel.

The final track delivers an emphasizing blow to the EP. Snakes is an energetic, lively number, laced with plenty of heavy guitar riffs, throbbing bass and relentless drums. This is definitely my favourite track. Even the vocals keep you on your toes, ranging from dark metal guttural growls to melodious vocals that possess an urgency about them, combining to great effect.

Overall this EP can only be described as impressive, with its varying tempos it shows off the band’s strengths and the diversity in what they can produce. It demonstrates that Blank Parody, although relatively new to the scene, are fully capable, talented musicians who are definitely going places.

The EP launch night is being held at The Asylum, Birmingham on 18th August. Buy tickets here.