Metal Belly Dancer – Diana Bastet

So, I have been very quiet recently, adjusting to my new lifestyle, but my interest in all things rock and metal has still been very much alive.

Earlier in the year I took up belly dance as a hobby, and I soon got the bug. Particularly for metal belly dance. I trawled the internet and found this young lady, and immediately felt admiration for her ability to show a very sexy, feminine side to metal, but without taking out the intensity of the music.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have spent a day being taught by Diana Bastet, and last night, got to see her perform at The Hatchett Inn, Bristol. The whole day was an amazing experience, and this lady is a true inspiration.

Me with diana

Me with Diana Bastet


Here we are after the performances. I was proud to be wearing a costume that was handmade by this lady also. A fantastic day.