A band to look out for in 2018 – Black Country Road

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Black Country Road’s sound would be best described as a Southern Heavy Country Rock but with a British Twang ! With influences such as Black Stone Cherry, Audioslave and The Cadillac Three as well as having elements of Country, it’s commercial enough to draw in a diverse crowd while still having its own identity and feel. Ultimately … its LOUD ROCK N ROLL!


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Steve Nunn (Vocals) , is a current solo artist and former vocalist from Piston. Previous band achievement , making a ‘top played’ milestone for a month on Kerrang Radio.















Ben Bakhsh (Guitar) , was previously a guitarist for Questions of Angels.
“Every gig I did with Questions of Angels felt like an achievement, and every time I’m able to translate what I feel into music is the same. My biggest “moment” was probably opening up for a fashion show in Birmingham with an old band.”















I asked Ben how the band came about, and here’s what he told me.

“Steve had an ad on facebook for the project . The bands he mentioned as inspirations i.e. Audioslave and Black Stone Cherry immediately caught my eye because a couple of years earlier I’d tried to put together the same kind of project but couldn’t find a singer so I we just had to meet up. Anyway I had the main riff in my head for Grenade anyway so I met with Steve at his home studio and the chemistry was there musically and we got Grenade written in a couple of days.

Our debut song, Grenade, is about having a break from writing as part of a band, and having 3 years worth of feelings and lyrics to get out, making you want to explode.

Basically me and Steve are writing while working with other session musicians to create an ep and tour it” he told me.

The Rock Asylum‘s take is that this debut track is packed full of heavy, dirty, rock  n roll, with mighty guitar displays, and massive vocals, not to mention that special ingredient that so many bands are forever in search of. The voice of Steve Nunn sounds shivers down the spine, which when teamed with the explosive guitar work these guys take you on an exceptionally intriguing journey of some heavy Rock n Roll, with a Southern Rock twist to it. I’m excited to see where this journey leads with these exceptionally talented guys.

Here’s the link to a demo of their first track Grenade


If you’re interested in following Black Country Roads’ rock n roll journey, why not follow them on facebook here .