This Elegant Chaos – House of Destruction

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This Elegant Chaos born from the major elements of rock music, love, angst, desire and alcohol!

Steph, Mark, Greg and Keith bring real in your face rock music to the waiting world, writing songs about the dark side of their lives, it’s hard to define a genre.

With influences ranging from Adam Ant to Nirvana, Tool to My Chemical Romance, This Elegant Chaos live up to their name with an energetic live show, that leaves you wanting more.

The new album ‘House of Destruction’ was recorded by Stephanie Taylor Vocals, Paul Clifford Guitars/vocals, Mark Beach Drums, Greg Boden Bass. Going forward into 2018 Keith Armstrong is on guitars, after Paul made the decision to call it a day.

I asked Steph about the song writing process …..“Most of our songs are written by all of us having a jam to a riff or a drum beat and see what comes out of it 🙂 . I then take away the basic song and write the lyrics, adjusting the structure as need be to accommodate the lyrics… so they are nearly always a group effort.”

Steph also explained a little about some of the tracks on the album. ‘Take it All – This is my personal favourite. Myself and Mark are big Adam Ant fans, and I’ve always loved the dirtiness of his song “physical”. We considered trying to cover this, but as we’re anti-covers we wrote this in homage 🙂 Filled with subtle innuendo, its seductiveness is just (to quote Adam Ant) pure sex. House of Destruction – This came from Greg’s evil bass line, he had the idea of writing a song about a serial killer. Taking my inspiration from all the American Horror Story we watch, I delved into that troubled mindset. No way home – This followed a dream after watching Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton’s version of course). This is our darker and more sinister reality, the vision of which will be our next video…”


House of Destruction is the latest collection of tracks from This Elegant Chaos, which certainly lives up to expectations.

No Way Home sets the scene for this dramatically produced collection. The eerie intro captures your interest, which is soon followed by the sound of Steph’s vocals which are provocatively haunting. Once the track is in full swing you will be under its spell, with the powerful drums and menacing guitar, you have to stay…..’no one’s gonna hear you, no one’s gonna find you….no one’s gonna save you now’. Diseased is an in your face, wrathful number which is not for the faint hearted.


Photo courtesy of Dave Briggs

The pulsating beat combined with the fierce lyrics delivers a powerful addition to the album. Again has a catchy riff at the start which grabs your attention. This is one of my favourite tracks of the album, it strikes through various genres, punk, goth, rock, formulating to give another exceptional edition. More has a more sombre feel to it, with the fantastic tones of blackness, you get drawn into the mood of the track. Evocative lyrics add strength to this fantastic example of the capabilities of this band. Feel Me has a definitive punk feel to it. Playing heavily on the emotions with it’s seductive undertone, detailing the mind games and passion that one may endure in a troubled relationship. Run charges at you full force with the unrestrained pounding of drums and melancholy lyrics interlaced with the heavy guitar riffs which make this another strong feature to this collection. Get Out relays the frustrating end to a burnt out relationship. The story unfolds to riotous drums, brilliantly punctuated by expressive lyrics. Sick builds in pace from the start, before spitting the venomous lyrics at you. It sort of picks up where ‘Get Out left off, this time giving both sides of the story. It could quite easily be described as a blazing row to music.

Take It All sets out at a sultry pace, the words of this track lay heavy with seductive reference. The suggestive nature of this track sets it aside from the rest. With its distinctive and emotive lyrics it clearly demonstrates that TEC is multi faceted. House of Destruction, kicks off with a bass line which can only be described as possessed, and the lyrics suggest dark times from a troubled mind of someone wrapped up in their own world of darkness and death. HFYG finishes the album off with a massive celebration of all the qualities that This Elegant Chaos behold. Incessant drumming gets into your head from start to finish, and when the guitars are added to the mix, you will simply have to join in. Steph’s vocal performance and prominent lyrics perfect this number, which epitomises what the band name stands for. An almost chaotic pace and enigmatic vocals deliver this final portion of their journey so far.


This Elegant Chaos take you on a tumultuous journey, full of dark and sinister lyrics and eccentric performances which are infectious in a weird and wonderful way. They are a bizarre and mysterious creation which certainly draw you into their world, and once in, you won’t want to leave.

They certainly live up to their name when it comes to performing, and if you fancy seeing them in the flesh, why not head down to their album release night at Scruffy Murphy’s on 10th February ?

debut album

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Take a look at them performing live in October 17.

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