My Guitar Journey Chapter 1

So, as promised here are a couple of clips of me attempting to play Psycho by Muse. I found this EXTREMELY difficult, as firstly, I couldn’t set my amp or guitar to get the correct sound, which I’m sure I would need a pedal of some description to achieve perfectly anyway.

Here is a photo of my amp, its a Fender Mustang II. If anyone can tell me how I need to set this for songs such as this, please comment at the bottom of this post, or fill in the contact form.


Secondly, I had to play the music quite loud in order to keep up with the track, which kind of drowns me out, but doesn’t hide the mistakes!

There is one part of the clip where I lose my concentration all together as my window cleaner starts spraying the window that I’m standing in front of, shame the camera didn’t pick that up!


Not sure which attempt is better, so I’ve put the both on, but don’t feel that you have to watch them both!

I hope that in a year from now, I will be filming myself demonstrating much more skill than I have right now, but as I said before, we all have to start somewhere.

The aim of this blog is to engage with as many guitarists that I can in order to pick up tips and gain confidence, and hopefully get some great footage along the way.

Thanks so much for being interested in my journey!