Album Review – Jon Hartz Wild

DSC00889Jon Hartz Wild is a talented singer/songwriter, guitarist and pianist based in London. He takes inspiration for his music from a variety of styles from which he creates his own alternative hard rock sound. He describes his music as alternative/modern rock and has been performing over the past year in London clubs. He was previously signed with Fiction records in a Rock band called Romance as lead guitarist. Romance were together for 6 years before eventually going their separate ways in September 2016.

Over recent months Jon has been committed to working on his self titled debut solo album which will be released on 3rd November 2017. Here’s what he has said about his work.  ‘Over the years I have developed my own singing style and aim to keep creating music as a solo artist along with collaborating with other artists. I like to try new things and am always searching for new inspiration. I think it is most important as a musician to be yourself and hope your art and music connects with others. I find music is the best way for me to express myself and share my view with the world’.

So without further ado let’s take a look at this promising new album in more detail. This 12 track album is a solid testament to the hard work of Jon Hartz Wild. To think that all of recording was done by Jon himself this must have been no walk in the park to achieve. The album kicks off with Social Discord which certainly gets the adrenaline going. I felt that this was quite a mixture of old school and alternative rock which worked very well. Then comes my favourite track of the album, When You Came Around, which has a full on rock feel to it, and when teamed with the earthiness of Jon’s voice as well as other effects, it delivers a large chunk of pleasure to the ears. Wings Defy The Truth is a slower tempo track with powerful lyrics and a pulsing beat throughout. I enjoyed the amazing guitar-work half way through the song which increases its appeal. Kissed A Dream has quite dramatic lyrics and continues in the theme of classic rock, including some intricate guitar patterns. Fall has a haunting feel to it, and lyrics to match. Overdrive  starts with a catchy guitar riff and soon meets with Jon’s gritty, powerful vocals which make for a formidable experience. Asphyxia , See This Through, Fade, Now I’m Alive, Is This The Way add variety to the album, with an assortment of moods and textures that bring out the best of Jon’s many talents. Who Are We is a beautiful track with stunning acoustic guitar. The touching lyrics and striking vocals from Jon shine throughout this emotive track.

Here’s a clip of Jon singing a cover, 14 Years

The Jon Hartz Wild album is diverse, with so many different qualities to it, it certainly keeps you intrigued as to what will come next, and where the song is going to take you. Jon has mixed it up well, showcasing his talents in many different ways throughout the album.

I would definitely recommend all lovers of rock/alternative rock music to take time to listen to Jon Hartz Wild, as his talents are sublime. He has pulled out all the stops to produce this very personalised album and he must be so proud and eager to show it off.

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The album is available on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Bandcamp, Tidal and Napster as of 3rd November 2017.

Rating: 4/5

Highlight: ‘many different textures, stunning vocals’

Deb Gardner

Reviewed by Deb Gardner