Music Review – Questions of Angels

Questions of Angels constists of Ant Hoult (Vocals) Ben Bakhsh (Guitar) Andy Perry (Bass) Chris Jennings (Drums) Ant Winsper (Guitar). They are a band with their roots centred round the Walsall Borough area, and if you ask anyone who has seen them, Q of A certainly have something special going on. When song writing began, it was prolific, and by April 2012 they performed their début show. A fantastic success spurred the band on to what is fast becoming the live performance to see. Recording sessions are now regular and the band are already generating a catalogue of releases, and released their début album ‘From Within’ in September 2014. Writing of their second album is well under way and the band hope to release it in early 2018.

Questions of Angels take their influences from the entire spectrum of rock. Pearl Jam, Rush, Alice in Chains, Motley Crue, Metallica, U2 and Drowning Pool to name but a few. What comes of this concoction is pretty special indeed. Powerful vocals, often compared to James Hetfield, and unforgettable melodies, which, when mixed with a wall of guitars, shredding solos, driving bass lines and drums to frighten the faint hearted, results in a pretty awesome unique sound.DSC01994

I first saw Q of A performing at The Giffard Arms in September this year, where they were one of the bands supporting These Wicked Rivers. These guys are genuinely nice hardworking people from the West Midlands, who are pulling out all the stops in order to establish themselves in the music industry. After seeing their strong, lively performance that night, I kept contact with them in the hope that I may get to interview them or review any upcoming music prior to it’s release. Which brings me to the present day, where I find myself listening to their tracks, some old tracks which I have enjoyed immensely, but also two very special tracks that have not even been finished as yet. I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to hear them this early on in the process.

Firstly looking at music that this band already has out there. My favourite track hands down is The Scarecrow. With its dark, eerie opening to the track, and the sinister feel, your attention is grabbed from the beginning. The lyrics ‘when all the cows are sleeping and the sun has gone to bed, up jumps the scarecrow and this is what he said’, made me automatically think of a nursery song I fondly remember from my children’s nursery days, but then the song deflects from the lyrics I remember, into a powerful ranting of the scarecrow, which is not only menacing and heavy, but it also brought a smile to my face. The guitar work in this song is intricate, and with the great bass line and incessant drums, it makes for a damn good listen! Policy of Flies is another formidable track. It opens with some beautiful guitar technique which slowly increases in strength as the drums and vocals are introduced. There is a dark side to the lyrics which makes for interesting listening, and when combined with the chunky riffs, Q of A will have you rocking with them in no time. The demanding drum beat orders you to listen. Another robust addition to this band’s material. Other tracks such as Shit You Put Me Through, Hope You’re Happy, Long Way Down, The Glow, Take a Breath, and Worthy of You continue to showcase the many talents of this band, with their signature sound becoming strongly evident throughout. You can listen to these tracks on their facebook page by clicking here


New Music

Feel So Alive is a deep and powerful track full of dramatic vocals from frontman Ant Hoult, with a crippling bassline and hefty guitar riffs, coupled with that perfect drum beat keeping it all together. I am excited to have heard this track as I feel its one of the best pieces they have written. A dramatic track full of lively guitar expertise and a sturdy drum showcase throughout. Once again captivating, intense vocals create the mood for the track. One More Day is packed with touching lyrics, and has a sad ambiance which is portrayed by the heartfelt vocals of Ant. A gorgeous song that everyone can relate to at some event in their lives. ‘The back story of one more day is realising that someone close to you has drifted away and that feeling of thinking maybe those they drifted to are more important than you are and just needing on more day together free from all the other shit the world throws at you’ Ben Bakhsh told me.

The sound that Questions of Angels produce is a perfect combination of meaty guitar riffs, strong bass lines, intense vocals, backed up with an unswerving drum beat that will get the pulse racing. So in a nutshell, this group of talented musicians have not only already produced some great material, they have perfected their signature sound, grungy, gritty and sleazy rock music with a bit of a cheeky smirk on its face.

If you haven’t experienced Q of A performing live, then I strongly recommend that you check them out. They have a gig coming up on Friday 26th October at The Giffard Arms, Wolverhampton, where they will be supporting My Brother The Wolf. I’m sure that this will be a blast, so go on, get yourselves down there! At £5 entry for a whole night of entertainment, you can’t go wrong!

My brother the wolf gig

In the meantime, check out Questions of Angels on Twitter and Facebook