Review – Naked Sunday – Signs of Insanity

Band photoNaked Sunday came together in 2012. With Laura Stanyer on Bass Guitar, Martin Stanyer on Lead Guitar and Vocals and Craig Stanley on Drums, the band has gone from strength to strength, gigging in some of the best small venues in the midlands such as Route 44, The Slade Rooms, The Robin 2 and The Giffard Arms.  Their album Signs of Insanity will be digitally released 29th September 2017, but just prior to that, they play as support at The Station, Cannock on the 23rd September 2017 where they will have physical copies of Signs of Insanity on sale.

The album includes four tracks which were recorded at the Old Smithy Recording Studios in Worcester where the likes of Judas Priest, Robert Plant, Diamond Head and GBH have recorded over the years.

The first track of the album is Sunflowers in the Rain which kicks off with a catchy bass intro from Laura which is soon accompanied by some rapid fire drumming. A perfect start to the track, soon followed up with excellent guitar work and vocals from Martin which complete the effect. What Kind of Love are you on has great bass work once again at the beginning of the song, Lyrically intriguing, it compares love to an addiction, with an  appealing chorus ‘breaking my heart in two, you know that I love you, what kind of love are on?. I miss you starts with simple guitar and a soft vocal introduction which is then transformed with the addition of powerful drums and some intricate guitar work. This song fluctuates nicely between the two energy levels.  Falling is a slower tempo and demonstrates that Martin’s vocals are at the definitive best during this performance.  This songs delivers some great lyrics, blended nicely with the smooth instrumentals. Rockstar has typical classic rock style riffs throughout this song, accompanied by lyrics such as ‘don’t wanna go to work, don’t like my job, wanna be a rock n roll singer at the top’ and ‘its a sin you know, working 9 to 5, I can barely make enough just to stay alive’. This song does what it says on the tin, epitomising the dreams of countless bands. Picking up the pieces and Streets have more alternative sounds that are refreshing to hear. Its nice to know that Naked Sunday have other tricks up their sleeve.

Diamonds and Pearls’ sleazy and provocative lyrics with vocals that get you in the mood really do prove to be infectious, particularly when coupled with the unwavering thumping drum beat from Craig which demands that you dance to it. If you resist the dancing you will most definitely be singing along with Martin, whose voice has such a striking tone to it.

Below is a little snippet of a live performance of Diamonds and Pearls.

Reaper has an intricate guitar opening before being smothered with dark lyrics and pounding drums which unfold one of the best songs of the album. ‘I am the reaper, I’ll make you mine’  A gripping performance by Martin Stanyer with meaty guitar riffs and entrancing vocals. This song could easily become a signature tune for them. Broken Angel shows off some exquisitely hard rocking guitar work along with a groovy beat that gets you toe tapping right from the start and beckons you to get into a bit of head banging before it finishes. A Dozen red roses and a bottle of Jack is a great track to conclude the album, a heartfelt ballad with a massive rock climax.

Album ArtIn summary, comparing Naked Sunday to any established band would do them an injustice, as they have their very own sound! These guys have a great alternative rock sound that is at its best during their live shows, where they bring the tracks to another level. I could hear elements of Pink Floyd, Buckcherry, Motley Crue, and a hint of Green Day  as well as many other punk/glam rock/alternative bands from back in the day. Martin Stanyer could also easily do justice to glam rock classic, ‘The Time Warp’, just as the rocky horror show did, with his unusual tone and mannerisms, and I think that would make a great song for a party night some time.

Getting back to Signs of Insanity it constantly reminds you of the glam rock influence, positively charged with a punk under current, the result of which affords Naked Sunday with a distinctive sound. All in all a solid album packed with love songs and dirty rock n roll which is injected with the glam rock factor throughout. The sweet melodic rock sounds combined with the great bass lines and raunchy vocals really hit the spot. I would fondly compare them to sweet and salty popcorn, both are great flavours, but when combined they give a completely unique taste. These guys are vibrant, sexy, gritty and full of raunchy rock n roll, and I hope to see them live at The Station on 23rd September. To buy tickets click here.

If you think that Naked Sunday do it for you, contact them on Facebook to find out more.