Album Review – Reece – Ignited


Reece are a 3 piece melodic rock band from Wales, comprising of Rob Reece on Lead Vocals and Bass, Jon Davies on Lead Guitar and backing vocals, and Russ Rogers on Drums/Percussion.

I recently caught up with Rob Reece to discuss the new album. Rob told me ‘Its mammoth, a couple of people have compared our sound to Audioslave meets Bon Jovi and Metallica at a crossroads. The album is very diverse as we wrote the songs over a 12 month period so the band has developed its sound during that time.’

‘We just want to say a big thanks to everyone who have supported us and believe in what we are doing.’

The new album Ignited is due for release on 27th October 2017, however it will be available to pre order from 6th October, which is the date that the single of the same name becomes available.

In my opinion, the album is a clear illustration of the band’s transition from their earlier melodic rock sounds right up to a new heavier grittier sound combined with the awesome melodic sound they already had.

Save Us is an excellent start to the album, a smooth melodic rock song, this is a great opener. Falling Down is again in keeping with the traditional Reece sound. Lyrics such as  ‘another place, another time, I would let you fade away’ enforce the powerful texture to this song. Hold On shows off Rob Reece’s husky vocals, closely followed by Messenger which is one of my favourite tracks. The transition between sounds starts to become more apparent. This lively, catchy tune is still predominantly melodic rock but has a heavier edge. The chorus has memorable lyrics that you can relish singing along to, combined with a great little guitar riff which finishes it off perfectly.

Lost in Translation is a fantastic demonstration of acoustic guitar entwined with gorgeous vocals, and meaningful lyrics that will give you goose bumps. Ignited is the title track and is categorically an impressive example of the transition that Reece have undergone with their music. Melodic rock at the start of the track lulls you into a false sense of serenity, then in the middle of the track you are struck remorselessly with  meaty guitar riffs, expounding the evolution of this band. The massive guitar work towards the end is the highlight of the album. Meltdown is another fine example of the new, more imposing sound of this band. Out of Nowhere has some uncompromising guitar riffs and although still a melodic rock sound, with its added all round heaviness and thrashing drums, this track delivers something for everyone.  Wasteland is a classic rock song which encompasses the new and old sounds that Reece have brought to this album to bring it to a fitting conclusion.

In summary, Ignited has strong elements of classic melodic rock which is the signature sound of these guys, but it has also a newly fashioned dirty, heavy feel to it at times which adds to the listeners gratification.

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