The Vinyl Reprisal – Graffiti EP – Review

The Vinyl Reprisal are a high-energy indie/rock/punk band from the West Midlands.

Graffiti EP
Cover art for ‘Graffiti’ EP by Daniel Brawn

The band debuted their original material in early 2017, having already built a strong reputation on the local scene for their impressive covers set, featuring songs by the likes of Oasis, The Kinks, Kasabian, James, The Clash and many more.

The band soon began to establish their own sound, with those Britpop and punk influences serving as strong reference points when writing and recording their own material.

The Vinyl Reprisal are: Kris Carr (vocals), Dan Harrison (guitar), Jamie Roberts (bass), Anthony Kelly (drums).

All songs written, recorded and produced by The Vinyl Reprisal.

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Bookings: Anthony Kelly (email:, Tel: 07791 583056)

The Vinyl Reprisal

Picture by Golden Tones Media

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The five-track ‘Graffiti’ EP – recorded and produced by the band – captures the energy, attitude and catchy choruses that have been hallmarks of their live set. Graffiti was released on 26th May this year, and is a testament to the bands determination to succeed.

The EP consists of 5 tracks, I’m So Bored, Kill Your Dreams, Graffiti, Trash Talk, and Chuck in the Towel.

My favourite tracks of the EP have to be I’m So Bored and the title track Graffiti.

I’m so bored kicks off with pounding drums progressively strengthening and peaking just prior to the main body of the song, which, along with it’s infectious chorus really gets you hooked. The gritty vocals add to the effect leaving you still humming the tune long after it’s finished. An energetic start to the EP which is reinforced throughout the other tracks.

Graffiti is a Fratellis meets Oasis concoction that works very well. The superb catchy guitar riffs and earthy vocals, along with captivating drum beats certainly make this a feel good song. The track is about creative influences, with subtle references in there to Strummer and Springsteen among others.

Kill Your Dreams and Trash Talk are also laced with the same Fratellis/Oasis potion, which boldly emphasize the word alternative in the phrase alternative rock. Their unique way of demonstrating a modern alternative rock style with hints of the past eras is dominant throughout these tracks.

Chuck in the Towel I have to say, has strong elements of the Clash, similar to ‘should I stay or should I go’, which takes me back. An instrumental section has a calming effect amidst the aggressive lyrics of the song resulting in a well constructed journey between the traditional punk and alternative genres.

The Vinyl Reprisal have proven they have the serious potential needed to succeed, and all in all this EP is a solid effort, which leaves me wondering where this will lead for them. I would most definitely like to experience a live performance from this band, as I feel they’ve demonstrated such high energy throughout the EP, that this would only be intensified at a live show.

The way they drag elements of  The Clash and other traditional punk bands into their own unique alternative rock/punk sound definitely swings it for me. There’s not enough of the old 60’s 70’s punk being kept alive these days. I’m hopeful that these guys will continue to do this throughout their musical journey, wherever it make take them.

If, like me you find yourself wanting to experience these guys live, The Vinyl Reprisal have upcoming gigs see below for details:

27th August – The Old Horns, Birmingham

1st September – The Actress and Bishop

7th October – The Sunflower Lounge

For more details click here