Album Review – Unhinged – Life Can Wait

bandpic3Unhinged are a 4 piece hard rocking punk band from the Black Country, formed in 2015. Well known locally for their explosive performances, the group have set themselves a mission to reshape and breathe new life into the local music scene.

After the popular reception of their two EP’s ‘Nostalgia’ and ‘Keep it Moving’ the group are now preparing to present their vision to the world with their debut album ‘Life Can Wait’.

Unhinged - Life Can Wait

All songs written and arranged by ‘Unhinged’ All Lyrics written by Michael Hodges Recorded and mixed by Noise Recording, Wolverhampton. (2016/17) by Christopher Meddings Mastered by David Mitson

Life Can Wait is a 12 track explosion of hard rocking, punk, blues, ska and hip hop.

This album is not for the faint hearted, with its somewhat aggressive sound, laced with varying genres it will get your heart racing from the start.

The first track on the album is Rock is Dead which has a typically punk sound, catchy lyrics and a pulsing beat. This song is bang on the money if you’re looking for high energy in your face Punk Rock at its finest. Steal Your Lover is a great mix of a classic rock guitar encased in alternative punk rock vocals and rage.

Cigarette is one of my favourite songs. Nice catchy chorus, simple but effective guitar riffs and fun lyrics. Single reminds me of a number of tracks from days gone by. Artists such as Sex Pistols and GBH come to mind.

I have to say that Bitter Blues is my favourite track and is a very cleverly constructed eclectic masterpiece. Starting with traditional blues/rock feel it gets you into mood, followed by a sudden change in tempo hitting you with a more ‘Unhinged’ style punch in the face. Just when you think ooh that was clever, it delivers a second blow by changing up again into a ‘nearly’ traditional rock resonance. The track continues to demonstrate these abrupt changes throughout until it finishes where it started, with a blues feel. I don’t care what genre of music you like, this track is for everyone!

Reaper is full of dark lyrics and relentless drumming. Yet another fine specimen of the multiplicity of talent on display throughout this album.

Everytime I hear Brainwashed, it makes me smile at the start, the drum section at the beginning makes me think I’m going to hear the theme tune to Hawaii 5-0, but joking apart, this is yet another fully engaged track where (I hate to say the word) ‘Rap’ fuses with Punk delivering a highly charged result.

For established Unhinged enthusiasts Breakout, DY8 Takeover and Fuck You deliver three hearty chunks of their usual hard hitting tracks, which won’t disappoint.

Feel This is a powerful display of unique riffs as well as gritty sections that make you want to head bang to. A strong pulsing beat proves to be quite explosive particularly when coupled with Dan Hipkiss’ super-charged guitar riffs and Mike Hodges rages throughout.

Mike Hodges has excelled my expectations with his vocals, coming right out of his usual  typical punk sounding chant, he has shown that he’s more than capable of singing, and demonstrated a number of different styles which he performs to great effect.

This production shows elements of bands such as The Buzzcocks, The Misfits and The Descendants, as well as The Sex Pistols and The Ramones. Not to mention similarities to Agnostic Front.

In summary, I would say that although ‘Unhinged’ are predominantly a hard rock punk band, this album is quite diverse, and it specialises in delivering a cleverly arranged eclectic collation of tracks which suit many genres.

The album has been cleverly mixed and put together in a way that you find yourself questioning what genre of music you are listening to, but then saying what the hell, I’m enjoying it so who cares! I think that sums Unhinged up. Their high energy, and unique sound, coupled with a fantastic stage presence (for anyone who has seen them) demand  that you like them, so who cares what musical category they fit into!

Celebrations kick off the album launch at the Claptrap, Stourbridge on 29th September 2017, doors open at 8 pm. This is not one to be missed! Click here for more details or contact the band directly. Further Social Media links below: