Fires That Divide

DSC00096On 17th August, I visited the lads from Fires that Divide whilst they were practising at Base studios in Stourbridge. I have to say they were sounding pretty awesome! What a unique sound they have! And as they describe their music on their website, it most definitely packs a punch!

I was lucky enough not only to have them play some of their more well known material, but I also got to hear a brand new track, still in its early stages called ‘Of of the Of’ and I was suitably impressed. Their new album is due for release early 2018, and I have already pencilled in an interview closer to that time as there is an interesting story to the concept of the album. All will be revealed!

Okay, so firstly I had a bit of a catch up with Kirk Shuttleworth, frontman for Fires That Divide and here’s what he had to say:

Firstly thanks so much for having the time for me today, I know you’re extremely busy right now.

So, I have to say that I first saw you guys at Uttoxeter Rocks about a month ago, and had never heard of you prior to that………how would you describe yourselves to other people out there who haven’t heard of you?

Full of energy! We take pride in the writing of our music. We believe in good solid catchy guitar riffs and solid drums that leave people humming the riffs long after the gigs. We are best mates away from the band so we hope and believe that this shows in our performances.

You’re going to be supporting Diamond Head on 7th December 2017 at the Robin 2. Do you have any new material to bring to this gig?

Yes, we have a lot of tracks that are either complete or close to completion. We have a few months to get these polished in time for the Diamond Head gig as well as performing them at gigs in the lead up to the gig to test them out.

You’ve been together since 2014, and in your biography describe your music as ‘an eclectic range of musical creativity delivered with a hard punch’, who would you say you have been inspired by over the years?

We all have a different collection of bands we love and look up to which I believe shows in our sound, as people cannot quite put their finger on who or what we sound like! Which we like!

Bands as for all of us are such as Seether, Alice in Chains, Foo fighters, Thunder, Pantera, Stone Sour, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Black Peaks, Arcane Roots, and Nirvana! The list could go on!

What is the process you guys go through when coming up with new material?

A lot of the time I do a lot of riff and lyric writing at home then I would send the tracks over to the other guys, they get a feel for them, then we all work on it at rehearsals. Also myself and Steve (lead guitarist) would get together acoustically and write new riffs together, then I would go away and work on lyric ideas and again take them to practice. I love personally when we get to rehearsing the new tracks how they transform time and time again with the input from all members. Once all members get their teeth into the track and input their ideas, it then becomes Fires That Divide.

What aspirations have you got for the coming year?

We believe that the Diamond Head gig is a platform for us. We would love to go on a little tour and get our name about. We are always on the look out for that perfect support slot to the bigger bands. We are grateful for the chance they have given us.

Do you guys have day jobs as well as being members of the band? If so, how do you manage to cope? This must have quite an impact on your personal lives right now?

I’m a P.E/Music teacher in a primary school, love the job but if I had the chance performing on a stage with Fires That Divide would be the dream. I have 11 month old twins so that is also another job for me! But I absolutely love being a dad, and wouldn’t change it for the world. I have a really supportive wife so I still manage to fit in the band stuff.

Steven Norton is a Content creator, a very gifted artist! He does all of the artwork for us which includes, our merch, websites basically everything Fires That Divide!

Marc Harris is a IT Engineer and Knighty is a college music teacher. We all live very busy lives but manage to fit it all in and keep it fun!

On a lighter note, as I’ve only seen you guys the once, give me a couple of sentences describing each of you that I can share on my blog…. Personality, nick names, anything you like………

Kirk… I can get rather random/funny! Former drummer that turned to guitar to push on the buzz for music!

Marc… quiet man behind the sticks! Grade 8 drummer…everyone’s drinking partner!!

Knighty.. Guitarist turned to bass! Awesome teacher and all-round music guru!!

Steve Norton another drummer turned guitarist! !! Doesn’t no how talented he is! The lead solo wizzard!

To anyone who wants to know more about us, please click on the social media links below:





The first little gem I managed to record was a live stream on facebook of Vector Man. This is a great song that demonstrates the energy and intensity in their music.

Vector Man

Whilst the guys were performing I made sure that my partner Dave Briggs got some great photos.

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And then it was my turn to take a bit of the limelight………just a tiny bit…..with help from the wonderful Marc Harris. (I have to get a 1-1 lesson with him some time)

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Once the fun bit was over, I had another opportunity to video the lads performing Mr Philosophy, another great song.

To round up my thoughts on Fires that Divide, I would say a great bunch of lads, great fun with no egos, and not to forget bags of talent.

They will be supporting Diamond Head on 7th December 2017 at The Robin 2 in Bilston. This is going to be an awesome night folks! If you are interested in seeing an energetic live performance from Fires that Divide, click here to buy tickets, and I’ll see you down the front!

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