They stole my heart

I feel it only right that I should use my first blog post to feature the band that captured my heart from the very first moment I saw them at the 02 Academy, Birmingham when they were supporting Stone Broken.

The lights dimmed and in swaggered this young man, confidence oozing, he placed his flat cap firmly on his head, looked straight into the eyes of the crowd, then at his fellow band members. His eyes lit up and a big smile took over his face……..then the magic happened! With their distinctive guitar led rock ‘n’ roll, Theia totally took the room by storm. A night I will not forget.

Since that night, Theia have grown from strength to strength, their music becoming more mature with each performance, and their stage presence attaining a polished level which belies their ages.

I have followed the band closely ever since, capturing photos and videos along the way, marvelling at their constant improvement and with each show, their rock prowess clearly grows.

Kyle Lamley 6.jpgDSC04071-Edit-9.jpgDSC04038-Edit-6.jpg

These guys are certainly destined for a bright future!

Their new album ‘Back in Line’ was released earlier this month, and is a testament of their commitment and solid rock values. Lyrically stunning and with a noticeable presence of some creative guitar work from front man Kyle Lamley, this collection of tracks sends a clear message that Theia are serious contenders for greater things.

If you have never heard of Theia, or seen them live, then I urge you to have this at the top of your to-do list, you will not be disappointed. Be warned, it won’t be long before you get the Theia bug, just as many others before you have.

The video below was taken on my phone a couple of months back, when I was lucky enough to see Theia perform a track from their new album called ‘signed sealed cemented’ prior to its release. (Apologies for the quality, as it was taken on my phone).